Essential Kit

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The Essential Kit is a frameless pocket door system and will minimize installation times on any project or professional applications. The kit can be used for single and double doors installations. Made entirely from metal. This allows for a stronger hold and greater stability in comparison to conventional wood framing systems. It can be assembled on any flat surface with minimal installation time.


20 year warranty

Various widths and heights

Can hold up to 120KG of weight

Available for wood and glass doors

Simple to transport

Minimal installation time

Single wall installation

Increased sellable sq.ft. per suite

Flexible Design


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  • Quick installation

  • Frameless finish

  • Single box easy to transport

  • Stronger than a conventional frame

  • Versatile

  • Can be assembled on any flat surface in a matter of minutes


  • The grooved vertical upright in 0.8mm sheet metal adds rigidity to the frame structure. Thanks to its special shape, plasterboard panels can be fixed with screws, giving even greater rigidity and making installation easier.

  • Frontal profile bar improves resistance to lateral stress thanks to its special shape with a double reinforcement bend and a sheet me thickness of 1.2 mm.

  • Sliding system guarantees long life and perfect slide over time. Composed of an extrud anodized aluminium track and a pair of hangers with a load capacity of 120kg.


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