Scrigno Kit

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Scrigno Kit will minimize installation times on any project or professional application. Made of galvanized steel this easy to transport system arrives in a box which includes all of the accessories that guarantee the perfect door installation. The unit can be assembled in minutes on any flat surface by using minimal screws thanks to its practical snap together construction. No extra blocking required due to our vertical profiles which support all of the weight. This easy to transport system is the perfect solution for any project.


20 year warranty

Various widths and heights

Can hold up to 120KG of weight

Cost effective

Simple to transport

Minimal installation time

Single wall installation

Increased sellable sq.ft. per suite

Flexible Design


Inquire now to learn how Scrigno Kit could benefit your next project


Available sizes

  • Heights: 80”, 84”, 90”, 96” (custom sizes available)

  • Widths (custom sizes available)

    • Track 1: 28”, 30”, 32”, 34”, 36”

    • Track 2: 38”, 40”, 42”, 48”

  • Stud size: 3 5/8” (custom sizes available)

  • This system offers the installer advantages by simplifying assembly and minimizing installations times. System available for double sliding doors.

  • All accessories included

  • Allows sliding doors with a maximum weight up to 120kg


  • Quick installations

  • Single box easy to transport (2260x190x130 mm)

  • Stronger than a conventional frame

  • Versatile

  • Can be assembled on any flat surface in a matter of minutes


  • Grooved vertical upright profiles in 0.8mm sheet metal adding rigidity to the frame structure

  • Improved lateral stress thanks to its special shake with a double reinforcement bend and a sheet metal thickness of 1.2mm

  • Accessories Kit includes: hangers, brackets, and accessories for fitting door, drywall screws, and joint hung accessories to convert into double door applications



Inquire now to learn how Scrigno Kit could benefit your next project